Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2018

Todd Spitzer was the only Republican candidate in Orange County to prevail in 2018. TP Strategies has been lauded for defeating Spitzer’s opponent -a twenty-year law enforcement incumbent. For all intents and purposes Spitzer should not have won as historically incumbent law enforcement officials always prevail. We ran the race in a textbook fashion bringing best practices from national campaigns to Orange County.

TPS broke through the June Primary Election despite $100,000,000 of clutter spent on federal races because of the superior quality of our advertising campaign. We delivered messaging in our targeted mail program developed by polling results that communicated values tapping deep into the electorate’s appeal. Our effective messaging strategies throughout the Election season branded our scandal-ridden opponent consistently from the start as well as telling the story of Spitzer’s proven track record on top of mind issues. All the while we kept our opponent on his toes by running a strong earned media campaign, grew our social media following and ran a solid field program touching our targeted universe of voters derived from our analytics program.

The efficiencies gained in the Primary by analytics allowed us to deploy a countywide cable and broadcast campaign in the General Election. We delivered positive and negative Ad tracks that offered voters a clear look into Spitzer’s work towards solving homelessness and improving school safety -Orange County’s hot-button issues -as well as highlighting the strongest negative messages against our opponent derived from in-depth opposition research.

Global media outlets descended on Orange County as the late vote by mail ballots were counted to record the play-by-play of Republican losses that allowed the House to flip to Democratic hands. With TPS’ Chief Strategist John Thomas at the helm, Todd Spitzer was the only Republican candidate to prevail in Orange County, even widening his lead before the final vote was certified.


Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer lauded the firm for his massive 2018 victory, “With TPS at the campaign’s helm we accomplished the impossible and beat a 20-year law enforcement incumbent by a landslide. TPS showcased my record with laser like precision and compelling messaging in a series of cutting-edge ads that crescendoed in the biggest political win of my career.”