TP Strategies - A Strategic Consulting and Media Firm


Creative/innovative ideas matter. Most campaigns use the same old tired ideas again and again. It becomes simply painting by numbers. At TPS, you will receive aggressive strategies that custom-fit the client and the specific race. We win where others say it can’t be done. Even when we are outspent and outgunned by party registration, TPS prevails. Unlike other consultants, TPS is rooted in Campaign Management and understands that all components in a campaign need to work together.


Engaging today’s voters requires more than just the same old TV ads. At TPS we use a unique mix of new media, Internet, and traditional media to persuade voters. We subscribe to the theory that higher production values and quality of the media is absolutely essential to break through the endless clutter during campaign cycles. Grounded with a deep background in advertising, TPS' paid media quality is unsurpassed. Period. When it comes to reaching your target audience, we do it best.

TP Research - A Political and Corporate Polling Firm

Working hand in glove with our strategic consulting firm, TP Research is a political and corporate polling company. Our pollsters can go to the field at a moment's notice delivering a continuous snapshot of the electorate right up to Election Day. Clients can choose to track their race weekly or even daily so that data is at the heart of strategic decision-making. Polling results are determined as much by methodology as they are dependent on the judgment of pollsters. Our pollsters have worked as political consultants in campaigns both locally and nationally and understand the dynamics at play. That’s why our results are on the mark when other industry experts come up short.